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Groep Heylen HQ

Logistic Mill

21 Campus


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in Weert

A strategic logistic hotspot location in Limburg, the Netherlands

Logistic Mill 21 Campus, Weert, is a unique logistic development located right off the highway A2-E25 in between Eindhoven and Maastricht.

Next to the Belgian border, Heylen Warehouses is building a state of the art distribution campus.

Netherlands’   new logistic hotspot

Weert Logistic Mill 21 Campus is centrally located right off exit 39 of the main highway A2/E35 providing easy access to each notable destination in the Netherlands and abroad.

Close to the borders, 4 barge terminals at 10 to 35 km and 2 rail terminals at 35 km give this location lots of possibilities.

Hello. My name is Ralph Caspanni. I am your contact at Heylen Warehouses for Logistic Mill 21 Campus, Weert. Please contact me for any information, questions, possibilities and availability.
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